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Eyes On The King

(Reggae & Gospel Music)


The Bible says ‘’Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual  blessings in heavenly places in  Christ’’.


 Following the single release of More July 15th 2020. This Album releasing August 15th 2020 was simply created & built of worship, blessing God, prayer, 3 chronicles-studio fellowship, cups of tea and real conversation.


This reggae gospel album  has been created with the intention to bring healing and deliverance to people physically, spiritually and mentally. Whilst bringing attention to Bex’s Caribbean heritage whilst alongside this giving God all the worship that he deserves. 


This timeless musical conceptual piece paints garden droplets off annual and perennials flowers coloured in worship.The whole teams aim with the album is to provide a gateway to healing, hope and happiness through music and art form which which represents to the love of Jesus. 


Enjoy the sounds of Bex Grant

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Song Information

1. Reggae & Gospel Music: represents the real church experience, there are a lot of negative things put out there about church but this song is an account peculation of what really happens when attending. This songs explains what it's like to be a christian from a young Caribbean’s perspective and what its like growing up in a pentecostal church. The writing describes the traditional Jamaican dish eaten after church on a Sunday (Rice & Peas). Bex’s grandad preaching while he prays but her showing gratitude for it in the song are highlighted momentd. As whole this song introduces all the tracks on the album.


Stuart (Hammond) Green Keyboard, Ivan Christie Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Kenny Mackay Bass-line, Gary (Revelation)Dixon/Percussion. Dave Brooks Bass Outro.


2. My Lord: is a love letter to God. This song sings a comprehension God’s grace. Love like water meaning the process of purification & mercy. This song mirrors Ephesians 1:3 ‘‘Blessed be the God and father of lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.’’  When Bex sings this song she said she feels as though she is standing in a heavenly place reading to God her love for him as he is a true friend.


Stuart (Hammond) Green Keyboard, Floyd Paris Lead Guitar, Steps Green Sax, Kenny Mackay Bass-line, Gary (Revelation) Dixon Percussion. 


3. Walk and Talk: is about Bex being on a journey with God how the enemy has been relentless to try and stop her using her voice to worship God. But growing up her Dad would always quote this scripture to her Ecclesiastes 9:11 I have seen something else under the sun:The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favour to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. So the marathon proceeds for Bex towards heaven.


Stuart (Hammond) Green Keyboards, Joel Grant Bass, Floyd (Praise Plectrum) Paris Lead Guitar ,Kenny Mackay Percussion.


4. Hallelujah: sings praises to the king of glory. It's one of the worship anthems on the album. This song was written for people to sing along too and lift up the name Jesus. Psalms 148:1 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord from the heavens; praise him in the heights above.The writing deliberately elaborates the style of reggae and gospel melodic influences that you would hear on a Sunday at church.



Stuart Green. Kenny Mackay Bassline/percussion


5. Gods Love: is written as a christian love song. It was written for a friend  wedding. This song has gone through many versions of production and has finally found its feet. Theres love which is beautiful but there is nothing like Gods love.


Stuart (Hammond) Green Keyboard, Steps Green Sax, Kenny Mackay Bassline/Percussion.


6. Wisdom: This song is based off scripture ‘‘How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver! Proverbs 16:16''. After a very powerful conversation in the studio drinking  the absolute best cup tea made brother Stuart Green made. This song was wrote by Bex within a 5 minute radius. Bex calls the Producers brother as respect by the way.


Stuart (Hammond) Green Keyboards, Kenny Mackay Bassline/Percussion.


Bex is a Gospel Singer and songwriter from London.Performing since the age of 5, it was inevitable Bex with her slight frame and enormous voice, she was destined to have a passion for music. Being around a Gospel singing Mum and music vinyl collecting Dad, she would be exposed to the kingdom of God and its beautiful harmonics. 


Tropical Leaves