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Stuart Green became interested in music from a very young age, and at age 9 I gravitated to an upright piano both my parents used to play, owing my whole interest in music to them. I later joined my high school band with guitarist and friend Noel Megan and veered off towards the bass guitar, rhythm guitar and drums, which I ended up playing for a while.

After leaving school I enrolled in an apprenticeship with Marconi Avionics during which time I went back to playing keyboards and joined two reggae bands, one from south London playing drums and piano, and the other from east London playing keyboards only. 


The latter called Revelation released a single called With you boy becoming an instant hit in the reggae charts during the early eighties, eventually reaching number one for 5 weeks (with the “B side” reaching number four). We continued successfully with top ten and twenty hit records, numerous radio and magazine appearances, releasing our first album simply called Revelation followed shortly afterwards by our second album Variation on a theme which created an interest from the Boney-M management team. 

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