Tropical Leaves




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Daniel (Musical D) is a creative from North London. He has always had a passion for arts + music from a young age. Aged 11 he recieved his 1st digital camera  (2 megapixels and could only store 15 photos on it with a 128mb sd card)  for christmas 

Fast forward a decade later and he’s had a range of DSLRS/mirrorless cameras + lenses, has photographed/filmed celebrities, had his work screened in theatres, been featured on Music channels such as The Box, Kiss & MTV as well has having his photos published in Magazines. 

Before being a photographer/Videographer, Musical D has had a career producing music and Sound engineering for Dirtee Stank Recordings (Dizzee Rascal’s record label). He produced 1 of 5 official singles for the London 2012 Olympics which is his highest charting single to date. It peaked at #6 in the Official UK Dance Charts

Tropical Leaves

Design by Tianna Greham

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


I’ve been working on a super exciting project with singer songwriter Bex Grant Music - art directing and designing the covers for both her single and album which drop this month!


After years of hard graft, growth and fine-tuning, Bex entrusted me with her 'baby' to create the visuals for her debut release which uniquely represented both her and her sound.

In good hands, the featured artwork perfectly captures Bex's enlightening, free-spirited, feminine nature. 


True to her style and genre, the cover designed started from a single photograph which undertook a complete transformation.

Literally beaming with light, the artwork is sequel to debut single ‘MORE’ - a powerful composition and representation of Bex's journey and the effect she intends her words to have on others.

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